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The first platform in LATAM that allows to you to manage payroll, human resources and treasury in the same place.

TADÁ adapts to you.

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Easy way and centralized to manage payroll.


No matter how you pay your payroll, TADÁ adapts.


At TADÁ we take care of your relationship with IMSS, SUA, INFONAVIT, FONACOT, AFORE to guarantee that there are no mistakes.

TADÁ allows you to unsubscribe and register your collaborators from the IMSS directly from the platform.


At TADÁ we support you in solving the inconveniences at work.


At TADÁ, we offer you simple tools to enhance the talent of your collaborators.

We accompany you from the recruitment and selection process to the hiring.

Implementation of surveys and dissemination of results in accordance with Official Regulation 035 in compliance with the Federal Labour Act.

Process building of organizational structure and development based on your company’s information.

Parameterization of performance indicators.

- Request for vacation
- General information
- Profile of work experience
- Payroll receipts
- Working wall
- Application of surveys and/or exams
- Application for loans and payroll advances
- Display of internal vacancies
- Virtual rooms for videoconferencing


Manage your payments without intermediaries through TADÁ.

- Automatic electronic accounting
- Bank reconciliation
- Direct payroll dispersion
- No time limit


At TADÁ we promote your SME by giving you a comprehensive service that includes:

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Certificate ISO-27001

It is an information security standard approved and published as an international standard in October 2005 by the International Organization for Standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission.